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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another year, another survey

Funds for Learning has published the results of their Second Annual National E-Rate Survey. It's not as interesting as last year's, because the results are basically the same.

One change is that fewer respondents are using a consultant (18% last year, 16% this year). I'm sure it's not a real change, but it feels good to see the market expanding. Or should I be worried that more applicants are deciding to go it alone?

The biggest nettle for me is that 26% of respondents still believe that the 2-in-5 rule has had a positive effect. What can I do to convince them that it's a failure? Maybe I'll rent one of those billboard trucks and park it outside the hotels where USAC is doing training. Or call a flash mob into the training to chant:
"2-in-5 is 0-for-5!"
or maybe
"What do we want?" "Internal Connections funding!" "When do we want it?" "In whichever year makes sense from a technology management perspective, rather than being limited to twice every five years for each location!"

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