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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Get RIDF this one

Check out this appeal.

Back in 2002, a district (which shall remain nameless) Director of Technology (who shall also remain nameless) took part in a kickback scheme with a service provider (you guessed it, nameless) where the service provider took $5 million from the E-Rate for doing nothing, and paid the tech director $2 million to falsely certify that some services had been received.

Eventually, the school district figured it out, ratted out the tech director, and the schemers got some prison time. And, of course, they were debarred from the E-Rate program.

Now USAC is coming after the district for $3 million.

I guess the funding was improperly disbursed and all, but it seems a bit harsh to ask the district to pay it back when the district never got any of the money or the equipment.

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