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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Get me on that bandwagon

We're finally starting to see some pushback on audits. First, based on information from George McDonald over at E-Rate Central, who had attended the quarterly USAC Schools & Libraries Committee meeting, board members are seeing complaints from Congress and the public, and seeing bad press. If only USAC could cut the number of audits, but they're just coordinating audits set up by the FCC.

After reading the rules about how large a sample must be taken, it looks to me like the only way to decrease the sample size is to decrease the percentage of improper payments found. And the way to do that is to simplify the rules and make them all public. USAC could help with that.

And then I see that United States Telecom Association and CTIA – The Wireless Association sent a letter to the FCC complaining that the audits are not required by IPIA and are not being conducted correctly. The letter is focused on the High Cost program, but the complaints all apply to the E-Rate audits, too.

With Congressmen and telco lawyers on our side, there is hope for fewer audits next year.

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