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Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Adams Family

It was bound to happen some time. We already have an Adams County Order (so named because the Adams County School District was the first (alphabetically) appellant), released back in 2007, which finally drove a stake through the heart of the unkillable "two-signature-two-date" rule.

Now comes the FCC and releases an order clarifying the rules surrounding On-Premise Priority One Equipment. It's significant enough that the ruling will appear in future appeals. This time, Adams County Public Library is first on the list of appellants. Now what? "Adams County II"? "Eve's County"? "Adams County Reloaded"? "Quincy Adams County"? Or, since the order expands on the rules from the Tennessee Order, maybe we call it "The Tennessee Order Revisited"? "Revenge of the Tennessee Order"?

What does the new order say? It talked about the "exclusive use" test from the Tennessee Order, but the statement that will appear in future appeals is: "the mere presence of a purchase option does not indicate that an applicant has failed the standards set forth in the Tennessee Order."

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