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Thursday, September 11, 2008

So far, so good

Here's my first report from the USAC training in DC: We're off to an excellent start.

Nice breakfast spread, including fresh blueberries and cans of Pepsi for those of us who like our caffeine cold. Unfortunately, we apparently can't look forward to any skits during the Advanced session, but I suppose a little comic relief would be more welcome in this afternoon's session on audits.

The session on audits gets a whole afternoon, which I'm back and forth about. More information about audits will certainly help reduce the fear that applicants feel, but from a practical side, even with the new wave of IPIA audits, probably fewer than 300 applicants will get a full audit. So only a small percentage of attendees will actually put the information to use.

I don't see so many familiar faces this morning. Could it be that the DC training has lost its cachet as the place to be?

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