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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another reason to appeal

Another Semi-Annual Audit Recovery Report has been sent from USAC to the FCC. Not exactly a page-turner, but here are some factoids which might be of interest to E-Rate geeks (and let's face facts, if you are reading this blog, you are an E-Rate geek):
  • Of the almost $1.9 billion audited, $89 million was to be recovered. $2 million of that was overturned on appeal, so $87 million is still collectable. That's less than 5%. And $63 million of it is still under appeal. So only about $24 million has been finally determined to have been improperly paid. That's 1.3%.
  • The FCC currently has appeals totaling more than $15 million which pertain to Funding Year 2002 or earlier. Now it does take time for audits to be finalized, but c'mon!
  • At present, USAC is collecting on only $5 million. The rest is on hold while USAC decides appeals and waits on policy guidance. Not that any of those applicants are complaining.

So I'm wondering: what percentage of COMADs demand payment only from applicants, how many demand payment only from service providers, and how many demand payment from both.

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