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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Better late than no-waiver

Another batch of remands today. Kind of boring: 13 cases of applicants cancelling funding requests without meaning to. (OK, so some of the applicants are claiming that they never did cancel the request and it was all USAC's fault. Whatever.) Only two things struck me about the order.

First, while I doubt that this order will be used as a precedent in many cases, if it is, it will probably be referred to as the Jingoli Order. Not as good as Bishop Perry or Academia Discipulos, but it has a nice Jersey ring to it.

Second, while at least one of the appeals (Nemaha) was filed over 4 years ago, one was received as recently as May. It gives me hope that some of the appeals I have languishing over at the FCC will get a response this year.

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