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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A slice of PIA

The business section of our local paper made prominent mention of BearingPoint's stock tanking over 10% in one day to a new all-time low. I took a quick look, and it seems to have lost a third of its value over the last month and a half.

I don't spend too much time trying to read the tea leaves on Wall Street, but it got me wondering: How much BearingPoint stock would I have to buy to create enough of a conflict of interest that BearingPoint wouldn't be able to conduct site visits with my clients?

Which got me thinking, why stop there? Solix (née NECA Services) apparently recently changed its rules so that ownership of stock is no longer restricted to NECA members, so I gotta get me a piece of PIA. But it seems to be closely held, and I don't know any telecom CFOs I can ask for a piece of the action. But I'll keep my eye out for an opportunity.

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  1. Good thing I didn't invest in BearingPoint. They went into Chapter 11 in 2009.