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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New letters

As always, the Q&A sessions at the USAC training last week in DC were too short. Here is the most burning question that I did not get to ask at the recent USAC training: What color will the envelopes be?

I've been on this issue for a while. I just want the envelopes to match the paper.

Apparently, letters from USAC will soon be printed on both sides of the paper (and 3-hole-punched), then folded in half and put in 6x9 envelopes instead of the 9x12 envelopes. I'm not looking forward to the 2-sided letters, since my copier doesn't do 2-sided copies, but I think it's worth it to save some trees. It's also going to cut USAC's costs, which is all good.

But would it cost so much to make the envelopes brightly colored?

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