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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What's your favorite flavor?

A star-crossed Tech Director from CA went to an ice cream store (for fear of lawyers, I'll just say it's probably the largest chain in the U.S.), looked down at his napkin and saw this.

First the E-Rate invades my dreams, and now I'm afraid to go out for ice cream.

But it's got me thinking: what kind of ice cream flavors might be inspired by the E-Rate? I mean, Rocky Road would be appropriate, but I'm thinking of custom flavors like:
Filing Window Crunch
Service Substitution Fudge
Eligible-Services-List-Late-Again Ripple
Applying-for-E-Rate-is-Not-a Sherbet
Nutty Rules
Raisin' Requirements
Internal Controls Cone (of Silence)
FRN Split
These-Rules-Are-Making-My-Head Swirl
You-Get-an-Extra-Day-Because-the-Window-Ends-on-a Sundae

I was trying to work out a name taking advantage of "caramel" ending in "Mel," but I just couldn't come up with anything.

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