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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Site visits creepier

The audit creep continues in the Extended Outreach Site Visit (EOSV) program. Originally billed as a way to collect feedback and success stories, with a little regulatory compliance tacked on, now they are becoming just on-site audits (focusing on Priority 2), with a little feedback tacked on.

The paperwork requirements for these visits just keeps growing and now they're adding document requirements that shouldn't be requirements.

The latest follow-up letter I got demands a "maintenance log." The only mention of such logs that I could find on either the USAC or FCC site is on the EOSV page of the USAC Web site, where it says they want logs "if available." USAC's Document Retention Checklist doesn't mention anything about logs. But the follow-up letter I received implies that the logs are required. How intimidating for an applicant who is not familiar with the rules. On the plus side, the letter does have a reference to the Fifth Report and Order, where the FCC's rules on document retention can be found.

Apparently USAC is scaling back on EOSVs (from 1,000/year to 350, and maybe to 100 soon). It can't come soon enough.

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