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Monday, March 26, 2007

Waive this! I dare you!

Man, I love three recent appeals to the FCC. I like them because they don't make excuses, they just ask for a waiver.

The first appeal asks to be allowed to purchase Internal Connections without a contract. Gutsy move. The SLD denied it, of course. But they've appealed to the FCC, saying that the FCC's rules don't actually require a contract for Internal Connections.

The second asks for an invoice deadline extension for a school that forgot to file for reimbursement for FY2004.

The third appeal is even better. Basically, it says, we violated a lot of rules, but it was just a bunch of mistakes. Best of all, it points out that the 30% rule comes down hardest on those who are trying to understand the rules and are honest.

I love these appeals because they're pushing the FCC to find out if there are limits to the FCC's willingness to waive rules. None of the appeals make any excuses about illness, military service, or anything else. They all just say, "We made an honest mistake. Please cut us some slack."

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