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Monday, February 19, 2007

RAL difficulties

I read that the "first batch" of RALs is being reissued because of problems with Item 23, but I'm still seeing errors in RALs issued as late as February 13. I guess that's still the first batch?

I took a look at several of the RALs I have received, and I see three errors consistently:
  1. In the corrections column for 23f on all the RALs I've received, it says, "Calculated - Not Input," which is wrong.
  2. It should say "Calculated - Not Input" next to item 23h, but does not.
  3. On the RALS where I have a number in item 23f, the same amount appears in 23g, when 23g should show $0. I don't think I have any applications where I actually put an amount in 23g, so I don't know what happens in that case.

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