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Friday, January 13, 2006

No macs allowed

I just saw something in an E-Rate Central newsletter about people having problems with the online Form 470 changing where they put data. That's not too surprising: I used to do QA/tech support on an ASP application, and errors do happen. (What little I've heard of the problem makes me think that it's a proxy server issue. Proxy servers don't play nice with ASP applications.)

What amazed me was the SLD response. First, they said they don't support Adobe Reader 7. I knew this from difficulties with the Form 486, but it's a bit surprising that 15 months after version 7 was released, it's still not supported. And it's a nuisance, because Adober Reader is always pestering me to upgrade to the latest version.

But the shocker for me: the SLD does not support Macintosh computers. An application used primarily by K-12 education does not support Macs?! Last time I looked, admittedly a few years back, Macs were about 25% of the education market. So SLD applications don't run on a quarter of the computers in schools. I had to check: neither Bill Gates nor Steve Ballmer are on the USAC board.

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