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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Eligibility of Adult Ed/Pre-School

The SLD has nicer guidance now on what they're calling Non-traditional Elementary and Secondary Education. I has a nice table on the eligibility of pre-kindergarten, adult education and juvenile justice facilities.

The guidance on eligibility of facilities leaves one area uncovered. I asked about it in one of the trainings this fall, but we still haven't gotten answers to those questions yet. Can school districts treat ineligible "non-traditional" locations as non-instructional facilities?

I'll use an example from an actual client. This client has a building that houses the board offices, a pre-school and adult ed in one building. This client is in NJ, where pre-schools are eligible for E-Rate, but adult ed is not. So should the district treat the building as only partially eligible? What if the adult ed location is separate?

It creates the rather strange situation that a district could receive funding for a bus garage, where only bus drivers are present, but if the district tried to teach a GED class for those bus drivers, the eligibility of that building is jeopardized. Providing education could render a facility ineligible. In other states, where pre-K is not eligible, a maintenance shed is eligible, but if 4-year-olds enter the building to receive an education, it's no longer eligible?

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