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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Talkin' EPC blues

I hear lots of discussion on C2 budgets and the merits (or demerits) of big consortia, but I haven't heard anyone discussing the change that affects me every day: the new EPC color scheme.

You noticed, right?  At first, I thought I'd messed with my screen brightness, but I confirmed that I wasn't the only one seeing it: the color on the EPC navigation bar at the top of the screen has changed.  For the old-school HTML geeks, it looks like it's gone from around #003366 to #0033CC.  Around here, it all looked purplier, but in fact, it's just bluer.

I don't like it.  It's too bright, and somehow the green made the page look more grown-up.  The new color is somehow cartoonish.  Yes, it's closer to the dark blue in the "paper flying at you" USAC logo, but I think the page looked better with more separation between those colors.

They also changed the text in the ... what shall we call it? ... navblob of links in the upper right corner below the navbar, and in other places.  The color is too bright for text.

Another minus: in the old color scheme, whatever was selected in the navbar had white text with a yellow underline.  Now the underline is white.  This doesn't make so big a difference, but I think the extra color was usefully eye-catching.

I can't really add this to the pile of reasons for scrapping EPC, but EPC is just a tiny bit worse now.

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