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Friday, May 31, 2019

Stop the madness

Now it's official.  The FCC is seeking comment on a Petition for Rulemaking from a trio of small phone companies who want to "discourage overbuilding of existing federally supported fiber networks."

I've already stated my objections to this harebrained attempt to preserve monopolies.  So I'll just say this: get your comments in.  Because I am sure that the companies who have received federal funding to install fiber are going to be vigorous in their support of this proposal to protect their monopolies.  And the fact that it took only 8 days for the FCC to put out this notice has me worried.; it feels like the FCC is rushing to get this out there.  Perhaps because Commissioner O'Rielly is obsessed with overbuilding.

Comments are due by  July 1, reply comments by July 16. 

Filing is not hard.

Just go to the Express Comment form, put in Proceeding RM-11841 (as you type in the text box, you'll see a list of proceedings; after you've typed "RM-1184", you can click on "RM-11841" on the list).  Then put in your name and address, and under "Brief Comments," type in what you think of the idea. 

It seems the FCC likes to hear how the rule would affect specific organizations, so if you can show how this rule would harm your school or library, that's very powerful.  In general, facts are powerful.

If you want to write your comments offline and then upload them, you can use this form.

Comments matter.

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