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Saturday, March 04, 2017

And what about Guildenstern?

Is this the final nail in former Commissioner Rosenworcel's term at the FCC?  On February 28th, President Trump withdrew the nominations of Commissioners previously nominated by Obama, and Ms. Rosenworcel is on the list.  No one seems to know why those names were withdrawn.  In the past, the President has looked to Congress for nominees from the opposing party, but that's just a tradition: the President can nominate any non-Republican he wants.  Or, I suppose, nominate no one and leave the FCC with 3 commissioners

Commissioner Rosenworcel's reappointment was blocked by the Senate (after unanimous approval by the Commerce Committeefirst by Republicans, then by Democrats, then by Republicans again.

Hey, "borked" became a verb, so maybe we'll be saying that Ms. Rosenworcel got "garlanded." Or maybe we should use "merricked," so people don't think of Judy Garland or imagine the former commissioner festooned with Christmas decorations.  But will "merrick" conjure up the Elephant Man?  Except Ms. Rosenworcel got a confirmation hearing and committee vote, just not a full Senate vote, so she wasn't exactly merricked.

What's going to happen next?  Even I can't speculate.

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