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Thursday, February 09, 2017

Waive that mess

Well now, there's something you don't see every day: the FCC fixing a problem before applicants have to go through the deny-appeal-appeal dance.  I've already ranted about what a mess the FCC created by saying that connections between 2 schools in the same building were C1 (scroll down past my whining about streams, roads and campi).  Now the FCC has, without anyone asking, fixed it in a new Order.  Basically, they waived the mess for 2017, which will give them a chance to fix it in next year's Eligible Services List.

And there's more good new in footnote 24.  The text there makes it pretty clear that if a school's campus had a road running through it,  and the district considered them two campuses, then they can stay two campuses.  That footnote even makes it sound like any district can decide to divide up a campus into a bunch of smaller campuses if there are roads or streams running through the campus.  It's not much of a clarification, but at least it gives the impression that the FCC was trying to give applicants more flexibility in determining what a "campus" is.

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