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Monday, September 26, 2016

On-premise Category One circuits

15 minutes for the Eligible Services List?  Oh, dear.  Well, since the ESL is so brief now, we got through it in about that time.  But then came the questions.

The thorny questions were all about the new definition of "entity" (as in location/campus, not "entity" as in organization).  What we heard was that if you have a single building which the state DOE considers, say, a middle school and a high school, they are two entities, and any connection between those entities is Category One.  On the flip side, if an annex is across the street from its parent entity, that connection is Category Two.  Among the questions this brings up:
  1. If we have to apply under Category One for the fiber between the middle school IDFs and the high school MDF, what are those connections?  A self-provisioned network?  Meaning we also have to request bids for leased dark fiber inside the building?  Would the core switch then be partially C1, since it is lighting up fibers to the middle school IDFs, which are now C1?
  2. What if we have a pre-existing Category One contract for the WAN between a school and its annex?  Do we have to rebid that as a C2 service?  If it's leased lit fiber, how do we recast that as C2?
  3. What about a building that has 3 different schools in it, but the schools share the classrooms?
  4. What about our middle school/high school building if the IDF is sitting in the middle school, but has 4 cable runs to a high school classroom.  Are those 4 cable runs now C1?
And what answer did we get?  "Those are good questions."

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