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Saturday, December 05, 2015

Or should it be spelled E-Moji?

Nick Shipley over at Funds for Learning is a genius.  Why?  Well, not only has he noted the unbelievable Form 470 2,000-word-lockout, but he has proposed a solution that is both ingenious and hilarious: emojis.

You should visit his blog post to see his proposed emojis.  Of course, I am inspired to add my own:

Apple's HammerApple's Bread Self-provisioned fiber
Apple's Card File BoxApple's Frame With Picture Filing window
Apple's Money BagApple's Water Wave Funding wave
Apple's Happy Person Raising One Hand Form 470
Apple's Person With Folded Hands Form 471
Apple's Postal Horn Form 486
Apple's Bear Face Form 472
Apple's Sleuth or Spy Form 474
Apple's Confused Face Entity
Apple's Disappointed Face Billed entity
Apple's Unamused Face Organization
Apple's Baby Angel Consultant
Apple's Smiling Face With Halo Good Samaritan
Apple's Banknote With Dollar SignApple's Factory USAC
Apple's Face With Open Mouth PIA review
Apple's Fearful Face Selective Review
Apple's Face Screaming in Fear Cost-effectiveness review
Apple's Face With Cold Sweat Audit
Code 9
Apple's Money-Mouth Face the change applicants expected when
they heard the fund had grown to $3.9 billion
Apple's No Mobile Phones the change that applicants have actually experienced
Apple's Black TelephoneApple's Black Scissors the change that applicants will continue to experience
Emoji One's Volcano ⤵ hraunfoss
Apple's HourglassApple's Leftwards Black ArrowApple's Heavy Dollar Sign COMAD
Apple's Bar ChartApple's Incoming EnvelopeApple's Wrench Data Retrieval Tool
Apple's Squared Free/Apple's Downwards Black ArrowApple's Bento Box Free/reduced lunch
Apple's Office Building/Apple's Ear of Maize Urban/rural
Apple's Radio Wi-Fi
Apple's Latin Cross&Apple's Orthodox Cross M&C
Apple's Happy Person Raising One Hand + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-1-2 Axillary use (you try finding an emoji for "ancillary")
Apple's Raised HandApple's Banknote With Dollar Sign ADA
EPC (OK, it's not an emoji, but the E-Rate
portal is every bit as difficult to navigate;
now if only EPC had a humorous computer mastermind)

And here are some terms I haven't developed emojis for yet:

Category 1

Category 2





Tennessee test

Item 21 Attachment

Basic conduit Internet access

Document retention

Invoice deadline extension

Recovery of Improperly Disbursed Funds

Operational SPIN change


Service substitution

State master contract

Red Light status





Block 1

Block 3

Block 4

Block 5

Block 6


Duplicative services


Allowable contract date

Internal connections

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