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Monday, August 24, 2015

Worries about an old friend

Has the ax finally fallen, even before the big outage/upgrade?  Has hraunfoss gone the way of the dodo?  If you know what I'm talking about, you are a true E-Rate geek.  If you don't, is the name of the FCC server that holds (held?) appeal decisions.

Just today I noticed that my links to documents on hraunfoss give me a 404 error (page not found).  I have feared the disappearance of hraunfoss since 2010.  We went through a "" phase, and a flirtation with ""  Could the reign of hraunfoss finally be over?

One encouraging sign: the FCC links are all broken, too.  Try going to the list of 2011 WCB appeal decisions; it looks like 800some broken links.  It wouldn't be the fist time that hraunfoss had trouble getting started on a Monday.

In the short term, you can get at the documents by editing the URL: take out "" and put in "" at the start of the Web address.  Note that you have to put an "s" after "http."  Perhaps that will be hraunfoss' demise: everybody's moving to https, and as long as you're going to have to change every URL....

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  1. Looks like maybe hraufoss just had a bad hangover, because it was back later in the week. Still, with a major overhaul looming in less than 2 weeks, it wasn't a good time for hraunfoss to call in sick on Monday again.