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Monday, March 30, 2015

First wave soon?

Let the waves begin!  The FCC has approved the application review procedures for FY 2015-2106.  In theory, PIA could start issuing FCDLs tomorrow.  Funds for Learning says 659 applications were in Quality Assurance as of March 24, 2015, so there are applications ready to go out the door.

Is it possible that we'll get a wave of FCDLs before the end of the filing window?  It could happen: in 2010, the first FCDL came out 13 days after PIA procedures were announced.  And back in 2000, the first FCDL was issued April 14.

Don't hold your breath: last year the PIA procedures were approved 19 days before the end of the window, but we had to wait 50 days after the close of the window to see the first FCDL.  And this year the application process is more complex and has changed a lot.  I think we'll be lucky to see a wave in May.

A wave inside the filing window would certainly encourage applicants to file earlier next year.  But providing carrots to change applicant behavior doesn't seem to come naturally to the FCC, so if they really want earlier applications, look for the stick.

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