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Friday, October 03, 2014

Stupid 470 trick

Probably no one but me cares about this stuff, but here's something pointless you can do with the Form 470.

You know how Item 9 (Internet Access) has vanished off the form, and is now "[Reserved]"?  Well, if you pine for the full Item 9, you can still see it on new 470s.

So you fill out a new 470, then go back to view it, you will get a link something like this:,
where xxxxxxx is the last 7 digits of the Form 470. (Don't know why the last 7 digits?  Here's why.)
If you delete that "5/" out of the middle, poof! Item 9 is back!  By the way, it will be a duplicate of Item 8.

Don't have a new 470 to play with?  Use the links below to open the newest 470 at the time of this blog posting.

And yes, if you are tired of looking at Item 9 from old 470s, you can insert the "5/" and Item 9 will vanish.  Don't worry, it's just the display; nothing gets deleted or overwritten.

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