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Monday, June 23, 2014

Mystery Invoices

I must be missing something.  I was looking through USAC's 2013 Annual Report, and I came upon the chart on page 15, showing invoice processing, and I noticed the numbers didn't add up.  So I dumped the data into Excel and added a row at the bottom:
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
invoices received 196,428 333,079 451,211 520,444
invoices paid 176,272 302,112 405,089 471,081
invoices rejected 10,740 18,874 24,865 30,813
??? 9,416 12,093 21,257 18,550
Let's look at Q4 as an example: USAC got 520,444 invoices, paid 471,081 and rejected 30,813.  What happened to the other 18,550?  They can't be dumping thousands of invoices into a black hole, could they?  Maybe the dreaded "pass zero" invoices are in that row; those invoices wouldn't fit in the "rejected" row, since they are technically approved, but they wouldn't fit in the "paid" row, either, since they are approved for $0, so there's no payment.

Anyone out there have a guess?  Or maybe someone could give us the actual answer....

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