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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Webhost warpath

At least it's better than soliciting spamments.  One web hosting company just sent out an email to customers with a handy online form for adding yourself to their letter asking the FCC to keep Web hosting as a Priority One service.

One statement in the email caught my eye: "...thousands of school districts from across the United States submitted comments on the proposed E-rate funding changes...."  Thousands?!  That seemed a bit high, so I checked: there are only 1,513 comments filed in Docket 13-184.  And a lot of those are not from applicants.  I would bet there are fewer than 1,000 comments from school districts.

I said long ago that I think web hosting is overpriced, but since it eats up less than 2% of the fund, it's not worth a lot of my time.

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