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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

CER 0, LCP 1

The FCC's latest appeal decision is not ground-breaking, but I found two things interesting.

First, the FCC overturned USAC's denial based on cost-effectiveness because "the services ... were not two to three times the estimated commercial market price."  It is heartening to see a cost-effectiveness review held to the only cost-effectiveness guideline the FCC has given us (from the Ysleta Order).  It gives me hope that the USAC cost-effectiveness witch hunts will end.

Second, the FCC looked at "lowest corresponding price" (LCP)!  I don't recall ever seeing that in an appeal decision.  Maybe the new emphasis on LCP is more than just lip service.  I'll be convinced when a service provider actually gets punished for not giving the LCP.

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