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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hraunfoss back with a vengeance

I knew this wasn't going to end well.  Back in 2010 I noticed that something was up with hraunfoss, the server that hosts most of the FCC's documents related to E-Rate  It wasn't being used on new appeal decisions.  And for a while, URLs that had in them were redirected to

Now it seems that hraunfoss is fully back in action, and appeals are stored on that server.  So even if the Icelandic waterfall for which the server is named dries up when global warming claims Iceland's glaciers, hraunfoss will live on.  Cyber-environmental crisis averted.

But Houston, we have a problem.  All that content has moved off back to hraunfoss, so anyone who linked to a document on now has a broken link. I guess it's a punishment for doubting hraunfoss.

So I have to find and fix all those links on this blog.  I hope Blogger has a "search for broken links" tool.

There is a schadenfreude silver lining: I'm not the only one with this problem.  It appears that the FCC is OK (because they had their pages refer to hraunfoss, and then redirected browsers to, but the rest of us that referred to decisions during that time used the transition URL we ended up at, not the hraunfoss address that we were redirected from.  So we're all screwed.

Maybe this photo of hraunfoss will bring me serenity.

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