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Friday, June 22, 2012

Who are these people?

Time for retinal scans over at the FCC, because they are just not acting like themselves.

Faithful readers will know that I like nothing better than beating a dead horse, and one of my recurring snarks has been that the FCC never makes its own deadlines, which I find especially ironic when they are denying people for missing a deadline.

So when I began reading yesterday's appeal decision, I started winding up my rhetorical bat: they denied 8 appeals because the appellants missed the deadline.  "Oh, goody," I thought, "plenty of fodder for a tirade on how the FCC never makes deadlines; I'll smack this one out of the park."  I skipped to the appendix to see how many years ago the appeals were filed.

Holy crap!  All the appeals were filed in the last 60 days.  Well, I guess I'll just drag my bat back to the dugout while muttering a defeated "Way to go, FCC."

At least I still have the 2-in-5 Rule and Cost-Effectiveness Reviews to kick around.

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