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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today's rabbithole? Ontario!

FY2011 Wave 1 funding approvals are still not available from the Data Retrieval Tool, but service providers have known for days, and now it's available through the Automated Search of Commitments.

Anything interesting? Let's see, it looks like the states getting big reimbursements are the ones you'd expect. OK and MS maybe sticking out above the norm, but not outrageously so. WV and GA lagging, but it's only Wave 1, so nothing to get excited about. And the only states who got skunked aren't really states: American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, Ontario Canada [insert sound of record scratching]. Ontario?! What the fund? How did that get on the list? Is this a NAFTA thing?

You didn't think I'd just let that go, did you? I put my crack team on it. Our database guy points out that there is no option for Ontario on the Data Retrieval Tool, so there is no way to use the DRT to check if Ontario got any funding. Our intrepid Customer Service Rep noted that the Billed Entity Search tool has an option for ON, but if you try to search for billed entities in ON, you get a server error. Meanwhile, if you go to the "Advanced Search" in the Automated Search of Commitments, the dropdown menu for state does not include Ontario. Other search tools:
Form 470: State dropdown includes ON
Tech Plan Approver Locator: State dropdown does not include ON

I cannot find any evidence of any funding going to Ontario, but maybe that's just what they want us to think....


  1. Oh, and for those who are curious: I couldn't find any other Canadian provinces mentioned in any of the above tools.

  2. There is such as place as Ontario, California...could that be it?