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Monday, September 27, 2010

Where's that order?

So Thursday was an exciting day, with the big reforms being approved by the Commission. The big question today: where is the order? The other orders approved by the FCC were up on the FCC Web site before the end of the day, but here we sit, 4 days later, and still no order. The News Release gives a list of the big changes, but doesn't give the detail we need.

They can't be tweaking, can they? I mean, didn't the Commission approve exact wording? So we've been waiting for someone to convert the file to a PDF? Send the files to me; I'll do the conversion right away.

One piece of big news, the ESL has been approved. So let's play the window game. The Third Report & Order requires at least 60 days from the release of the ESL to the opening of the window. So if we get the ESL today, the window could open on Nov. 26th. That's the day after Thanksgiving, but not technically a holiday. Then if we got an 80-day window, we're looking at the window closing on February 14th.

However, the 60-day waiting period has been a fiction, and the 80-day window is up to the whim of USAC (per the first Third Report & Order), so I'm putting my money on a February 10th window closing.

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