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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Most wonderful time of the year

It's official: I have gone over the edge in E-Rate dark side. Once again, USAC has put a countdown to the close of the window on their main site. For a normal person in my position, that clock would be like the timer on the bomb in so many movies: a constant reminder of impending doom. When I look at it, I should be hearing tense violin music.

Me, though, I like it. When it first appeared, I found the inclusion of the seconds counting down to be very amusing. Kind of like a bomb in a Naked Gun movie, with over-the-top violins.

But this year, my reaction is even more troubling. I'm so used to seeing that clock appear in December that seeing it just now actually put me in a holiday mood. Instead of hearing ominous violins, I'm hearing Burl Ives.

I have definitely gone through the looking glass.

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