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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bloody Wednesday

Well, for a while there I thought it was going to be nothing but denials. The FCC released 9 appeals decisions today, and I read 5 denials before I came to an appeal granted. Final score: 6 denied (covering 15 applicants), 3 granted (covering 3 applicants).

Most of it was fairly run of the mill: don't post a Form 470, you're denied; when the Eligible Services list says dark fiber is ineligible, it means dark fiber is ineligible.

Some decisions that at least clarified things:
  1. Eagle Hill: Dormitories are not eligible locations, even if some instruction takes place there.
  2. Eagle Hill: Head Start is not eligible unless state law says it's elementary education.
  3. Keyport: Prior to 2005, the FCC didn't have document retention requirements, so applicants "had no obligation to produce documentation that it would not normally maintain for other purchases, particularly where the state law did not require Keyport to seek competitive bids."

No time for a detailed reading: it's BEAR season.

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