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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Will you be audited?

Lots of people have been asking how likely they are to audited. Well, I can't say for sure how this year's audits were assigned, but it's a safe bet that it will be similar to last year. So here is a table form the most recent OIG report:
StratumDisbursement amountsNumber of applicantsNumber of auditsLikelihood of audit
1Over $10 million1010100%
2$500,000 to $10 million46811424.4%
3$100,000 to $500,0001,7801055.9%
4$10,000 to $100,0008,086260.3%
5>$.01 to $10,00010,10150.0%

So an applicant that gets less than $100,000 has very little chance of an audit. Getting over $500,000? You can expect an audit every 4 years.

It's nice to know that the FCC is basically leaving the small applicants alone.

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