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Monday, December 08, 2008

Sauce for the goose

This week's schadenfreude: the FCC OIG's semiannual report dinged USAC for their fixed asset record-keeping. I don't wish USAC ill, but after copying pages and pages of clients asset records in order to pass the Extended Outreach Site Visit ("it's not an audit, but we will check compliance"), there is a petty little part of me that is just happy to see it happen to them.

I wonder if there is any relation between the recent jump in available funds and the OIG audit. Seems the audit found problems with the way USAC accounted for the allowance for doubtful accounts (with the acronym ADA, jangling the nerves of this survivor of the 2004 Anti-Deficiency Act debacle).

The FCC got dinged, too, for its process for dealing with public comments, consumer complaints and inquiries. I wonder if they brought up the way the FCC manages the public comments about the Eligible Services List or the number of appeals sitting idle for years. Probably not.

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