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Friday, May 16, 2008

USAC gives me REM

I read the warning posted on Wednesday, but it didn't really hit home until I just went to no USAC Web site for the whole weekend. I feel bereft. For all the griping I do, I spend a lot more time on that site than I realize.

And this shutdown was positive in two ways. First, we got warning. Only 2 days, it's true, but except for me, there probably aren't many people who are impacted. Second, when I try to access the Web site, I get a nice "Web site down for maintenance, back on Monday" message. That's a step up from the regular maintenance of the Data Request Tool, which is not announced anywhere, and you just get a message saying that no records match your query. Which, let me tell you, can really freak you out when you're trying to get an update on a client's FRNs late at night. "What?! No records?! What happened to those FRNs?! ... Oh, yeah, the database must be offline."

Maybe I'll catch up on sleep this weekend. Most people, E-Rate puts them to sleep. Me, lack of E-Rate allows me to sleep.

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