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Thursday, June 21, 2007

BEAR rumblings

I was just perusing the recent USAC letter responding to an FCC request for info. I'm always looking through them for tidbits of info. Section I is a list of outreach efforts, section II a list of all the standard letters that USAC sends out.

Section III, the shortest, is the most interesting. The FCC asked how many disbursements USAC would send out if BEAR payments went directly to applicants, and how many BEAR disbursements are sent out now. The answers: currently, USAC sends out 16,055 payments as a result of BEARs, and estimates it would have to send out 104,000 disbursements if payments were sent directly to applicants.

Interesting for two reasons:
First, I never thought about making BEAR reimbursements through service providers as a way to keep down USAC costs by pushing the cost of cutting individual checks onto service providers.

Second, it shows that the FCC is seriously considering having USAC send checks directly to applicants. Oh happy day!

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