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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Like a cheap suit

The Atlanta Public Schools just can't seem to put the E-Rate mess behind them. A while back they had their 15 minutes of fame as poster child for abuse of the program: missing equipment, equipment never installed, etc. Now, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, APS is suing 5 service providers, claiming they didn't receive $3.5 million of the E-Rate funding that was sent to those service providers.

I took a quick look at the E-Rate disbursements to the five vendors named in the suit from 1998-2002: $45 million. So around 8% of the funding they should have gotten from these vendors allegedly didn't reach them.

If APS is able to prove that this money never did reach them, do you think it will make the FCC question their practice of sending all payments to the service provider?

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