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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Appeal flood rising

Well, as I have been saying, the FCC's recent spate of rule waivers has produced a bumper crop of "me-too" appeals.

Sometimes I just get the urge to read what sort of appeals have been filed. I can't figure out whether I do it out of empathy, schadenfreude, or a search for new appeal ideas.

Anyway, there is a definite uptick in appeals, and two really caught my eye.

One said, basically, that a few months ago when we got denied for missing a deadline, we didn't bother appealing, since the FCC never granted deadline waivers, but now that you've reversed course, we're appealing and we also have to request a waiver for not appealing months back when we got denied.

The second one was for a denial a few years back for a missed deadline. The denial was appealed to the FCC years ago, and back then the FCC stuck to the line: "We're sorry that your tech coordinator was sick/B.A. was fired/dog ate it, but a deadline is a deadline." Now the applicant has come back and said, hey, since everyone and their sister is getting a deadline waiver, will you reconsider your old decision?

I can't wait to see how these turn out. And I'm wondering whether it's worth it to dust off some old appeals....

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