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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My first PIA request for 2006-2007!

I got a request for info from PIA, and it took me a minute to realize that it's for a 2006-2007 application. How exciting!

The client in question is one of my smallest, with a very simple application. Coincidence? Actually, I would think so: NECA Services*, which actually employs the PIA reviewers, used to be (and probably still is) evaluated on both the number and dollar amounts of FRNs processed. So while I can see them wanting to pick simple apps, I would also expect them to pick large ones.

*As I understand it, NECA, the telephone companies' lobby, created the non-profit subsidiary USAC to administer the Universal Service Fund, and USAC then contracts out most of the work to NECA Services, a for-profit subsidiary of NECA. You can see it on pages 24-26 of the USAC Annual Report: of the roughly $58 million that USAC receives annually, it pays about $36 million to NECA services.

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