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Monday, December 12, 2005

A use for VPNs

I was reading a magazine for network professionals and I thought of a use for VPN hardware that a lot of schools could use: securing wireless networks (WLANs).

Many wireless networks are secured using a VPN, since it provides more robust security than WEP, WPA and the other 802.11 standards. Security-conscious network administrators make all wireless connections go through a VPN concentrator, which means all devices connecting wirelessly would need VPN client software installed.

The central hardware necessary to create a VPN on your WLAN would be eligible as long as you're only using it within an eligible location. So if you're looking to buy a VPN server, VPN concentrator, wireless gateway, firewall or other security appliance to lock down your wireless network, it should be at least partially eligible for E-Rate funding.

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