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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Selective Review-what is it?

And now, the first Selective Review of the year. Last year I came in to clean up a bit of a mess that had been created, including a Selective Review that had gone on and on. We cleaned up that mess, but now that client is going through it again. So I'll be writing about the process.

What is a Selective Review? It's an in-depth review of an application by PIA (Program Integrity Assurance, the group at the SLD that scrutinizes applications before approval). You know at the bottom of every form there is a long (and growing) list of certifications? Yes I have a tech plan, yes I have budgeted for the undiscounted portion of service costs, etc., etc. For the vast majority of applications, they just take your word for it.

But a lucky few are asked to prove it. You say you have a tech plan; let's see it. You say you budgeted for the undiscounted costs; show us where in your budget. You say you ran an open, fair competitive bid process; show us the paper trail. And so on and so on.

So you get a long information request by fax. Here's a link to an old version of the information request. I can't find a link to a more recent one. I know last year's had 17 pages, and this year's has 20, but I haven't yet looked into the differences. One change I expect to find: on the new 471 you have to give an estimate of all the unfunded costs associated with the services and equipment you're getting, so they'll probably ask about that. I'll talk more about that in the next post and see if I can post a copy of the new form (if I can scrub out all reference to my client).

One nice change: in addition to the fax, I got the forms as a Word attachment in an email. It's nice to have an electronic version I can edit.

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