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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

First wave notes

During the slow times at the booth here at NECC, I've been playing with the data from the first wave for 2005. I've found nothing of any real significance, so here are some factoids of no real significance.
  • Every state got some funding except Oklahoma.
  • Almost 5400 different applicants were approved.
  • 19,978 FRNs approved, 1304 FRNs denied. Leaving 80% of FRNs undecided at the start of the funding year.
  • Top funding recipient: LAUSD, $11.5 million. Remember, that's just Priority One. I feel better about my phone bill now.
  • Second and third: the Utah Education Network ($4.8 million) and the Alabama Super Computer Authority ($3.3 million); they run the statewide networks, and had 132 and 140 FRNs, respectively. Just think, if you spent 10 mins. per FRN typing up the 471, it would take you over 20 hours total.
  • Smallest FRN: $76.
  • State with most funding approved: California, with over $25 million. Least funded state: Nevada, $69,000. Well, as mentioned above, Oklahoma got $zero.

Note: numbers include only states, not funding for DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, etc.

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